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Works that are not to be looked at, but to be experienced. From quantum mechanics to astrophysics, physics is at the heart of my process and my artistic production. I use this scientific point of view to make a societal and environmental assessment. I engage in a conversation with the visitor about how theoretical or experimental physics influences, unbeknownst to him, his daily life: from photonics to the smartphone, from the photon to the optical fiber, from spectroscopy to air pollution, from quantum entanglement to the quantum computer. An invitation through the prism of physics, to take stock and reflect on our society: consumerism, pollution, innovation, globalization.  

My reflexive process for the conception of large-scale installations is declined in 3D compositions, wall sculptures in mixed media and paintings. It is also captured in photographs. Mirrors, thermoplastic, metal, are conceived and arranged around a research of transparency, light and optics. (All works are not displayed on the website). Thermoplastic requires meticulous work to mesh an infinity of lines. This process invites us to reflect on the invisible that governs humanity. 

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