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Physics theories, theoretical physics, and research subjects are at the core of my artistic process and outcome. I apply quantum mechanics, string theory, theories of everything and astrophysics, among others, in order to translate these themes into a concept that will be materialized by my art work. My artistic outcome engages a conversation with the viewer on how theoretical physics influences his daily life without being conscious about it. In addition, it reveals that physics could adopt a non-intuitive approach on a certain scale.


I model and shape recyclable plastic to create installations and sculptures with transparency. Plastic gives me much freedom to do so due to its texture, malleability, durability and resistance. I melt, heat up, weld, engrave, and shape it. Moreover, optical reflection of light using mirrors is an important part in carrying out the work. On the one hand, I create large scale installations where the viewer experiments the concept by walking through the works. On the other hand, I generate installations or sculptures that will only be translated onto photographs.

Caroline Gueye is a French-Togolese-Senegalese visual artist whose work is influenced by science. Postgraduate in astrophysics and masters degree in atmospheric physics, her work is a permanent quest to combine science with art. 

Her work includes installations, paintings, wall sculptures, tapestries and participatory performances.


The physical themes that emerge in her work are extracted from research topics, such as string theory, the theory of everything, or the principles of quantum mechanics, particle physics and space-time.


Straight lines, geometric figures, referentials, the four dimensions, are increasingly present in her works that teleport the spectator into space, breaking down the barriers of time, exploring parallel and future worlds.

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