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To create my installation, I was inspired by high-voltage power lines. They allow the transmission of electricity inside and outside the borders of countries. 


Electrification in Africa is very disparate. Indeed, while two countries achieve 100% electrification, only a few countries exceed 90% while others still have rates between 10 and 15%. Yet the potential for power generation in Africa is huge. The East of the continent is, for example, in a situation of overproduction of electricity, not because of lack of demand, but because of inadequate energy transport infrastructure. Indeed, high-voltage power lines connect renewable and conventional energy sources to distribution systems that supply households. With a developed power transmission network, countries could supply rural areas as well as other countries on the continent in a situation of energy crisis.


The installation is in a dark room and the intensity of the lighting varies as we walk through the installation. We enter what represents a high-voltage power line. The (blue) light is unstable, blinking, until the black out : the installation is plunged into darkness for a fraction of a second. Electric sounds accompany the atmosphere of the installation. 

Screenshot 2021-02-12 at 13.18.18.png




330 cm x 360 cm x 250 cm


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