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The theme of this exhibition is the organized plundering of African fish. I was listening to the radio when, once again, the media was denouncing illegal fishing of a foreign trawler in our waters. On top of local intensive fishing, Senegal and other coastal countries face this scourge. Industrial fishing is responsible for: overfishing, scraping the seabed and rejecting 90% of what’s in their fishnets to keep only fish with a high commercial value, and so on.


There are 15 million of us in Senegal, we eat 28 kg of fish up per year per inhabitant. 1.5 million people depend directly on fishing. For years, the price of fish has been increasing. People eat the national dish often deprived of ‘thiof’ because this fish is disappearing or reaches prices too high for the majority. This installation is about the consequences of overexploitation of our resources. They are very visible today and will be irreversible tomorrow if strong measures are not taken.

crédit photos : Oumy Diaw

“It rains in the ocean” 


 Mixed Media 

 1500 cm x 500 cm x 500 cm 


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