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This series of images focuses on the macroscopic scale in the field of astronomy. 


First imagine a cluster of galaxies. Then imagine lots of clusters of galaxies, linked by filaments and separated by empty spaces. Now transform the clusters of galaxies into other filaments. We thus obtain a structure with empty spaces and connected filaments, isn’t it ?


These empty spaces are called voids. When the sizes of voids are big, they are called supervoids. In outer space, supervoids are gigantic. To get an idea, the length of a supervoid could reach 10 with 20 zeros, kilometers.


I created plastic installations that I photographed in order to represent an idea of this immensity. Indeed, the filaments do contain galaxies.

The aim of the series is to arouse the curiosity of visitors on the astronomical scale.

Screenshot 2021-02-12 at 14.59.25.png

“Supervoids” 1/10


 10 cm x 7,5 cm


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