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Reflection is when a wave bounces off of a surface when it interacts with a materiel. This installation is made of mirrors which is a reflective object. An incident ray will create a reflected ray. Without light we cannot see objects. If we are in a dark room with no light, we cannot see anything. Indeed, almost everything around us is non-luminous (tables, chairs,…). They are called non luminous objects. On the contrary light bulbs, the sun, stars are luminous objects. The reason we are able to see any non luminous object around us is because of the reflection of light. For instance, the moon is non luminous, but we see it thanks to reflection of the sun.

The physical object in the installation is the light, described by the light rays. Visitors are reflective surfaces.

The aim of the installation is to have a reflection on reflection.





 210 cm x 90 cm x 160 cm


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