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This installation takes place in the dark. It is not static. It is in continuous motion, accompanied by the movement of its oscillating shadows.

String theory is the reason behind my choice of materials to build the installation.

String theory tries to find a type of physics that would apply to both the infinitely large and the infinitely small scales. For this purpose, the theory says that the smallest dimension would be “the string”. In physics, the shape representing the “string” reminds me of a rubber band. That is how I thought of using almost 6000 rubber bands to make the installation. 

Moreover, in the theory, these strings vibrate. This movement is taken up in the installation in perpetual movement. It is a macroscopic realization from small objects, an artistic projection of a physics theory. 

The name «under the purple rain» was chosen in reference to the aesthetics of the installation in its movement, and with its swinging shadows.

“Under the purple rain” 


 Rubber Bands    

 160 cm x 160 cm x 160 cm   


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