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This installation interrogates the notion of energy. Energy is an everyday word that describes the impetus that one puts into the accomplishment of a project, vitality, karma, ... It can be defined in different ways. In physics, energy is a number, a quantity and a mathematical relation.


There are different types of energy : kinetic, potential, mechanical, electrical, etc. The concept of energy allows us to write down equations describing the evolution of an entire system. The equations become more complex depending on what is taken into account in the system and what they describe : motion of individual particles, evolution of extremely complex systems (e.g. behavior of many celestial objects acting on each other) for instance.


This installation made from the assembly of rigid mirror sheets is a metaphor of what a simple word like energy can hold as complexity when you look at it. The installation becomes more complex when looked at in detail, with the reflection of light transforming each piece into an entity.



 Feuilles de miroir rigides

 250 cm x 200 cm x 200 cm  2019

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